ADNOC Offshore eSourcing Portal - An Overview

On behalf of Procurement Division, ADNOC Offshore welcomes you to our "eSourcing Portal"

The ADNOC Offshore "eSourcing Portal" is the e-gateway for the "commercial business dealings" through which the 'invited bidders' shall interact & respond to tenders published by ADNOC Offshore, for satisfying its various-needs for Services & Materials. This e-portal provides a secure, simple, pre-governed and efficient way to manage tenders online through a suite of web-based tools that enables ADNOC Offshore and its bidders to seamlessly conduct tendering activities through an integrated platform. The use of the e-platform for tendering brings in immense benefits to both ADNOC Offshore and our suppliers in terms of easy accessibility, reduced time, paper and effort thereby reducing the cost of tendering for both. Even more importantly, we both contribute to the wellbeing of the environment thru 'paperless business exchange' (except for minor requirements), thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Our "eSourcing Portal" maintains the highest standards of privacy, confidentiality, security, governance and transparency of information in line with our Corporate Governance principles. It enables us to remain connected and sustain the 'business-relationship' with our valuable-suppliers and business-partners electronically on 24X7 basis.

eSourcing Helpdesk

  • Need assistance? Kindly contact our eSourcing Helpdesk:
  • UAE Opening Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Sunday – Thursday)
  • Phone: (800 Tenders)+971 800 836 33 77
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